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Top Nine Reasons to Outsource B2B Appointment Setting

  1. You outsource other specialties areas, don’t you?  Do you outsource legal, payroll or benefits?  It makes sense to go outside the company and outsource when the skilled resources are not already inside the company.
  2. You probably have outside sales reps, but inside sales is a whole different animal, from strategy to training to managing.  It makes sense to recognize the difference in experience and skills needed for appointment setting versus closing the deal.
  3. How soon do you want results?  If you hire internally, it could take months to find the right person, hire them, train them, and start getting qualified appointments.  It makes sense to reduce that ramp up time to weeks or less when outsourcing with an appointment setting B2B inside sales vendor.
  4.  Speaking of time, ramping up or down once you have an internal team can be messy and expensive for HR.  It makes sense to use an outsourced vendor who can turn your appointment setting sales spigot on or off, up or down, quickly and with ease.
  5.  So you are thinking of hiring an inside sales appointment setter.  Who is going to manage them?  It makes sense to outsource with a vendor who will manage the appointment setter so you don’t have to.
  6.  How many hours of calling do you think an internal inside sales rep makes in an eight hour day?  I can assure you it isn’t eight!  It makes sense to pay only for hours spent calling with an outsourced vendor.
  7.  When you hire an internal appointment setter, you hire one appointment setter.  When you outsource your appointment setting, you essentially hire the vendor’s team of experts to manage your sales campaign.  It makes sense to increase your value by outsourcing your appointment setting.
  8.  When you hire an internal appointment setter, someone has to train, monitor, coach and motivate that person.  With your outsourced team of experts, it makes sense that you have specialists to train, monitor, coach and motivate your specialist appointment setter.
  9.  How do you know if your campaign is a success, and a cost effective success at that?  Reporting provided by the outsourced vendor provides the information you need to analyze success and ROI.  It makes sense to get reporting on hours, calls, appointments, dispositions and results as part of your outsourced solution.

Bottom line:  hiring an internal appointment setter may give you a dedicated resource, but it also increases your infrastructure overhead and headcount.  Hiring an outsourced vendor for appointment setting is typically a more cost effective and flexible option.

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