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Three pillars of a successful B2B inside sales campaign

There are three pillars of success when planning a B2B inside sales campaign:  the message, the messenger, and the message recipient.  If one or more of these elements is off target, success is sure to diminish.


  1. The Message:  Why you?  Why not your competitors?  If you can’t answer this question, your campaign is not positioned for success.  Your message must be compelling, relevant and unique, and instill some sense of urgency for the prospect.


  1. The Messenger:  The inside sales agent is the face of your company to your prospects.  A professional and friendly demeanor is a given, but what are the other critical requirements?  The agent needs sufficiently experience and training to engage in business conversations about your product or service, not just sales pitches.  You need to invest in the right agent as they are a critical component to your success.


  1. The Message Recipient:  This is your prospect list, and in case you haven’t heard, niche marketing works!  You need to ask yourself what your ideal prospect looks like – not “who can use my product/ service” but “who would be ideal customer and be best served by using my product/ service.”  Target demographics, geographics, psychographics, and any other “graphics” which will narrow your prospect list to the most likely suspects for success.  Caution:  when in doubt, test two or three of your best target lists to determine which responds most positively to your message.


The three pillars of success need not be perfect, just well thought out and polished as your marketing campaigns evolve.  Testing is an important tool in marketing, but it is best used in silos:  first test the message, then test the list, then test the messenger.  If you test all three at once, you won’t know which pieces are working and which still need work.

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