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Lead Generation

Who Likes to Cold Call? WE DO!

The first step in increasing sales is to increase selling opportunities. Whether your need is appointments, list development, or a refined marketing message, SalesChasers can help build your sales pipeline.  Face it – your sales team may be the expert in selling your product or service but may not have the time or desire to make a hundred cold calls per day.  That’s where SalesChasers comes in.  We love the phone!

SalesChasers specializes in pre-sales activities such as lead generation and appointment setting.  We can use your list or develop one for you, making sure you target the right prospect with the right message.  Each calling program includes an extensive process to set up the program for success.  We strive to understand your industry, your company and your prospect, set goals to determine the campaign’s success, then develop all the calling materials needed to turn a marketing list into your prospects and customers.

With proven experience in industries such as personal and professional services, healthcare, software and technology, SalesChasers will uncover the prospects you need to fill your sales pipeline.