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Event Attendance Campaigns

Got An Event? Got Attendees? We Can Help!

Trade shows, seminars and customer events are expensive!   Maximize your investment in your event budget with a touch campaign pre and post event.

Pre-event:  Increase awareness and attendance with a pre-event calling campaign. Drive trade show booth visits, extend personal invitations to prospective event attendees and start building relationships before the event.  What better way to make a prospect feel wanted and welcomed than a phone call with a personal invitation?

Post-event:  Follow up with attendees and those who missed the event to assess interest and keep your company top of mind.  We can facilitate next steps to continue your conversation with a phone or face to face appointment.  How do you get the best feedback from event attendees?  You ask them!  Let us make that call and get you the feedback you need to make the next event even more successful.