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Are your B2B phone agents Telemarketers or Professional Inside Sales Reps?

What do you think of when you hear the word “telemarketer?”  That annoying phone call during dinner, the interruption to your relaxing evening, or the call which wakes you on a Saturday morning?  Someone reading a lengthy sales script to you rather than engaging an interactive, meaningful conversation with you?  Do you want a “telemarketer” as the face of your company to your business prospects?


Hopefully, your answer is a resounding “NO.”  You have the blink of an eye to engage your prospect on a phone call – you need to have a professional Inside Sales Rep as your company’s face.


What is the difference between a telemarketer and a professional inside sales rep?

  • Business experience – The key to being able to engage in a business conversation is having sufficient business experience.  Sales skills are not enough to finesse a prospect.  You have to understand their needs and fit your solution to their pain.  You can’t script experience.


  • Level of training – Don’t just train your sales agents on sales skills, they need the same training you give to your outside sales reps.  The inside sales reps should know your products and services inside and out, if you’ll pardon the play on words.


  • Coaching – Everyone gets better with feedback.  A monitoring and coaching system is a critical component to moving your sales agents beyond “script adherence” and towards business acumen.


  • Compensation – You get what you pay for.  How complex are your products and services?  How challenging is your sales environment?  If you want the advantage of professional inside sales reps, you cannot pay a telemarketer’s wages.


Bottom line:  your prospects deserve a professional sales interaction with your company, so you must invest in your inside sales team.  Hire experienced business professionals, train and coach to help them reach their maximum potential, and pay them what they are worth.

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