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B2B Inside Sales: Offshoring or Onshoring? Definitely Onshoring!

If you ask a group of consumers about their experience with offshore call centers for sales or service, you will be hard pressed to find glowing recommendations based on that experience.  Keeping in mind that every business professional is also a consumer, why would you consider trusting your B2B prospects with an offshore vendor?


While there is no denying the potential cost advantages of offshoring your B2B appointment setting or inside sales, the labor rate is not the only important consideration.


Your prospects want to engage in relevant and topical business conversations.  While an offshore center may speak the English language, and even speak it well, they likely do not speak the jargon of American business, your industry, and American culture.  They may not know what is happening in American national news, pop culture, political coverage or other “local” intelligence that will impact business conversations.  When the Aurora, CO movie theater shooting occurred, an offshore social media vendor picked up on “Aurora” as a trending topic on Twitter and thought it referred to one of their product lines.  It was a PR embarrassment for their US based client when the mistake was realized.


With the wide range of major weather events or breaking news potentially affecting your prospects in various regions of the country, an onshore sales vendor can respond quickly to suspend calling into sensitive areas.  The same holds true for national or local holidays which may impact calling.  Local intelligence is the best intelligence.


Bottom line:  Offshoring your B2B sales campaign may cut costs, but it also cuts business opportunities.

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